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Welcome to Erasmate
Welcome to! Erasmate is Europe’s short-term housing platform. On Erasmate you can search and offer short-term housing or sublet your accommodation.

To sign up please click the ‘register’ button (it is also possible to log in with your Facebook credentials). coming to an end
We are sad to say, but erasmate is coming to an end.
For all these years it has been a great voluntary effort to keep erasmate open and free for everybody looking for housing, but circumstances dictate we have to close the website.

We like to thank everybody for their support over the years, it has been great to be involved in the project.

If you are in touch with a landlord we advise you to finish your negotiations. If you are still looking, please enroll into other sites also!
The site will be online at least until the end of Januari, after that there is no telling when it will go down.

We hope our website helped with finding temporary housing and hope everybody still will in the future using other similar websites.

With regards,
Why use Erasmate?
Many Universities and Associations are already recommending us
You can Offer a room or Search for a room for FREE
We continuously update new student discounts and deals.
Read information about Erasmus, tips for international students and more on our blog.
On you can find housing in all European countries. Today, Erasmate has grown to a well-known platform recommended by many universities and associations. Since the launch, Erasmate has been visited by more than 200,000 people.

Erasmate is especially useful for European exchange students. In order to find housing meeting your needs, please fill out a search profile. Be sure to check out the student deals and special discounts to complement your exchange period abroad.

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